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Peer Reviews

for Peter Kronberger - Technical Description Internet Service Providers

Hi Peter, I've just read your technical description about internet service providers.

First of all I would like to tell you that I like the stile of your Portfolio.

Back to the description:
I think it is well structured. It seems that you know a lot about ISP technology. In my opinion it is very easy to read and easy to understand because you describe all technical terms.

30th of November 2004


from Peter Kronberger - Peer Review of the technical description about ISP components and architecture

I like the way you wrote your description. It is well structured and includes every information you need to understand all tasks of an ISP. None the less it's very easy to understand the problems even for a non technician. Also the style of your speech is clear and precise. I am appreciated of your text but I would jazz up the conclusion.


for Peter Kronberger - Argumentative Article Videoconferencing

I've read your argumentative article about Videoconferencing today and I totally agree with you. Videoconferencing will come in the near future, but the technical equipment which is needed is not cost-effective for most companies today.

The structure is okay and your way to argue is interesting to read.

21st of December 2004


from Peter Kronberger - Peer Review of the argumentative article

I agree with your opinion about the reasons why VC-systems are not as widespread as they could be. I also think you are right about the future. When you revise your article, you should turn your attention to some frequent iterations of some phrases e.g. the "then" in the second paragraph. The text is good but it needs some final polish.