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my Learning Profile

The best way for me to learn something is depending on the thing I try to learn. If I want to learn something by rote then I have to be alone at home and read the text a few times. It is best if it is totally quiet (that means that there is no radio or tv turned on). If I try to understand something (e.g. a formula) it is best to practise the formula with a few examples.

The best point of time to learn is in the morning. But if the working day was not to stressful it is also possible for me to learn in the evening.

I have a characteristic which I don't like very much. I can learn best when I am under pressure of time.

added on 21st of December 2004

I don't think that my learning profile has changed. Maybe if I have enough time I start to learn a bit earlier...

added on 31st of May 2005

I try to start learning a bit earlier. But it is not as easy as it seems to be ... Compared to December 2004 I think my learning aptitude worsened but that may be a motivation problem.

added on 4th of July 2006

Because of the fact that this term is our last term, there is no need at the moment to try to start learning a bit earlier. But I will try it in the future. I promise. ;-)