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status report


When I have to write an english text I always collect facts and phrases before I start writing.

When enough facts are collected I write the first draft on paper with a pencil. So I can correct it as often I want to.

What I don't like is the searching for often used words. When my text is ready I read it through again and change words or phrases I have used to often.


First of all I have to get familiar with the topic I have to talk about. For me it is only possible to talk about topics I know very well.

When the presentation is ready I have to make sheets with keywords. With this keywords I try to learn my text.

Sometimes I feel a bit nervous when I have to talk in front of our english group but when the first words are said the nervousness disappears.

voice chat / text chat:

Because of my technical equipment at home I could not join the voice chat and so I had to do the text chats.